John Wall Rookie Card Released

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wall One thing is clear about the early John Wall NBA Experience. The man knows how to sign business deals. First, he went for 25 million to Reebok and now he has signed an exclusive deal with something called "Paninifor his basketball cards. Now I will grant you that I dont know what "Panini" is. I thought it was the type of sandwich I always get at Panera Bread (the best of which is on Nicholasville Road...there is no restaurant in the greater Kentucky area that has a better "decent food to attractive women" ratio) but it apparently is also a sports card manufacturer. If anyone is from Panini and is reading this, I would be glad to learn more about your product if you send me some of these cards above (dont ever say I am not a sellout). The world of sports cards has changed from my day...we only had baseball and it was a small group...Topps, Donruss and Fleer. Then along came Score (which is the one my mom always bought me...she tried :) ) and Upper Deck, with their fancy Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. Basketball cards and football cards were afterthoughts. I honestly didnt know that they still made these cards, in part because you never hear about them anymore. The guy in Middlesboro named "Fish" shut his card store down and I thought the internet had made sports cards go the way of the WB Network. But apparently Panini and its competitor "Cubano" are still in the business and it looks like the John Wall card above is quite smooth. So get one one if you can, and if you have extras, send them to me....we have to pay BTI somehow.

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