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I interrupt your constant refreshing of with today's afternoon notes. -- Last week, it was Sports Illustrated.  Now, this week, John Wall is on the cover of the Sporting News magazine.  What's next?  The Bible?  This week's edition of the Sporting News lists five freshmen that can make an impact in March.  The magazine hit shelves today, so, stop what you're doing and go grab your copy before they're all gone.  They're flying off newsstands faster than Alex Tyus' dreads trying to get off his scalp. -- Speaking of John Wall, today, radio talk show host Mike Francesa said John Wall is the best player to put on a college uniform since Michael Jordan.  Francesa called Wall "future NBA royalty."  For Wall's sake, let's hope Mike Francesa's talent scouting has developed over the past few years.  He once said Ohio State freshman Greg Oden is a future NBA Hall of Famer. -- Dan Werner isn't any better at basketball today. -- Big Blue Nation, it's time to get your voting on.  A fan poll on wants to know, "Who has been your favorite freshman so far this season?" Surprisingly, young players from schools not named the University of Kentucky made the list.  Just ignore those names, you've never heard of them anyway.  You only have two legit choices as the Eric Bledshow got snubbed from the ballot, leaving you with the Wall/Cousins coin flip.  Or, the Jon Hood write-in vote, which is the route I took. -- Switching gears to football and laughing at Tennessee news, the Lane Kiffin departure in Knoxville keeps getting dirtier.  The Knoxville News Sentinel has confirmed that former UT recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron has contacted multiple Tennessee enrollees and encouraged them not to attend today's first day of classes, making it easier to transfer to USC where they all have offers.  He even went as far as calling students on Knoxville's campus during Lane Kiffin's press conference.  You know what they say, you can't spell "how much money did it take for Lane to land that hot piece of ass" without "class." -- According to his Twitter (which never lies), Rich Brooks met with the team this morning and told them that he is looking forward to watching them this year.  I guess we can squash the Brooks to Tennessee rumors. That's all for now, folks. As always, Go Cats.

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