John Young is Changing the Sandwich Game -- for better or worse?

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[caption id="attachment_300602" align="alignnone" width="750"] UK Athletics[/caption] John Young is only be a true freshman at the University of Kentucky, but the early enrollee may be wise beyond his years. An offensive lineman from Louisville, in his UK bio Young reveals that he knows how to sew and that his dream job is to own a sandwich shop. On the latest edition of the Behind Kentucky Football Podcast, Young shared his passion for sandwiches -- making them, eating them and debating what is technically a sandwich or not. "I consider a quesadilla a sandwich of sorts, just with different types of bread." That is thinking outside of the box. All of these years we've argued, "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" We should have been asking the question, "Is a quesadilla a sandwich?" The young sandwich connoisseur (no pun intended), has a simple formula for sandwiches.

Bread + Meat + Bread = Sandwich

As simple as that formula may be, John Young's go-to sandwich is anything but ordinary. After each workout, whether at the football facility or at home during the coronavirus pandemic, is followed by a sandwich and a protein shake. His favorite sandwich ends with a shocking twist. Young starts with sourdough bread and sharp cheddar cheese. He then adds turkey or ham, what ever is in the fridge at the time, followed by pimento cheese and dijon mustard. "Extra" is how one may describe that concoction, but wait, there's more! The finishing touch on Young's specialty sandwich is mayonnaise... on the outside of the bread. He then toasts the sandwich that's surrounded in mayo to complete the process.    "It might sound a little unorthodox, but it's delicious," he said. "It's delicious, I promise." That sounds like a sandwich that could only come from an SEC offensive lineman. As you create your own to try from home, listen to the entire 30-minute interview to hear how Drake Jackson, Landon Young and John Schlarman have helped Young learn Kentucky's offense during the coronavirus pandemic.

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