John's Pelphrey and Calipari

I'm telling you, CBS Sport's Greg Doyel writes more relevent Kentucky hoops cloumns then the Herald-Leader, not to mention they are far more entertaining. This week, Doyel checks in on the progress of South Alabama Head Coach, and Wildcat legend John Pelphrey. As painful as it is for me to hand it to John Calipari (that fast talkin, hair slickin %#@%*), Memphis looks like they might actually be legit this year. The Tigers tamed a proven Gonzaga sqaud tonight 83-72. Not to worry though fellow Calipari detesters, as the Tigers will no doubt pull off an annual late season choke that will again reinforce how overrated he indeed is. Ooo, I can't wait...and for the sake of my legitimacy, i really hope I'm right. Too bad for Calipari however, I hear John Chaney found out where Coach C's new home is. Lock the doors, the owl's gonna get you!

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