Join #OperationBlacktop?

Jonathan Schuetteover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Jonathan SchuetteJonathan Schuette
ucf The University of Central Florida hasn't had much to celebrate on the basketball court in recent seasons. In the eight years since their last NCAA Tournament appearance, the Knights have gone 147-104 and haven't finished any higher than 2nd in Conference USA. However, things are looking up for UCF. In his time as head coach, Donnie Jones has gone 42-34 and returned the Knights to post-season play (granted, it was the CBI and NIT, but hey, it's UCF). Now that the Knights are riding a wave of momentum, they've decided to unveil their new basketball court to the world via social media. In a recent tweet, UCF's Women's Basketball Coach, Courtney Locke, revealed Operation Blacktop to the world. Yikes. Call me old fashioned and out of touch with today's youth, but I prefer my court to look a tad more traditional. However, if they paint it with chalkboard paint to give it a true playground look, I may change my mind.

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