Join other UK fans on the "March Sadness Conference... Call"

Drew Franklinover 1 year


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Our friends over at KY for KY have set up the "March Sadness Conference... Call" for all of the UK fans in quarantine when they should be watching basketball. To join other Big Blue fans like yourself, pick up the phone and call the conference call and let out a loud "C-A-T-S! CATS! CATS! CATS!" among friends. The line will be open for an hour and it will be one continuous CATS chant that you can join or leave at any moment. An explanation from KY for KY:
Why do this? 1) To prove that nothing can stop the BBN from cheering on their Cats in March 2) To once again prove that the BBN is college basketball’s most passionate fanbase 3) Since we can’t gather in bars, an epic conference call (up to 1000 callers at a time) is a great way for quarantined Kentuckians to connect with other quarantined Kentuckians 4) We could all use a f****** distraction right now.
Join the fun tonight at 8 p.m. ET by calling: 717-275-8940. The access code is 791 5889 followed by #. Go Cats.

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