Joker Phillips on Last Night's Defeat

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Last night's game in Fayetteville, Arkansas was certainly one that will be remembered for quite some time, and not for positive reason's either.  The crushing 49-7 defeat that was called off in the third quarter due to inclement weather may just have been the final nail in Joker's proverbial head coaching coffin.  During his post game press conference the mood, as you can imagine, was depressing and disappointing.  Here are some comments from Joker on the substantial loss to a struggling Arkansas squad.   When asked about the most disappointing part of the 49-7 outcome.
"Just the whole outcome is what you’re disappointed in. We felt good coming into this game. We knew we would have to play our best. Huge challenge playing against a top quarterback like this. He is really, really good and he’s got some really talented receivers.”
Joker went on to discuss whether or not a loss like this was negative for players.
"I don’t know if there can ever be a negative effect. Those guys came here to play and they’re getting thrust into it at an early age. I don’t think anything negative can come out of it. We've just got to continue to get them reps, continue to get them confidence."
Talking about the team's offensive performance.
"Offensively what you have to do is you have to possess the ball a lot longer. We had a lot of three-and-outs."
Discussing on what he wants the young team to gain from this experience going forward.
"We've got to continue doing things right. All the little things we talk about doing right. A lot of times the rewards of doing things right don’t come until later, and they can’t forget that. They cannot forget to continue to do things the right way, which is working hard, going to class, doing all the things off the field that we must do, that we talk about, and just understand the rewards will come. They might not come right away, but they’ll come somewhere."

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