Jones, Lamb and Enes Debate the Nation's Issues

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
the-immigration-debate The best thing about Twitter (except the breaking news and it indirectly leading to Jorts getting in shape and upping his game on the court) is that it gives an insight into players/coaches that you havent seen before. For instance, did you know that Kentucky players have debates (whether for class or otherwise) about the nation's most important issues. Today Terrence Jones tweeted out the following information that for some reason absolutely slayed me: Me and Doron vs enes and a girl in a debate about if immigrants should be allowed n the U.S lol this shud be funny lol. Lol first mistake enes wrote he's for it when he's suppose to be against it lol looks like we got this one ladies and gents ! Lol yes! I have to be honest..the idea of Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb debating Enes Kanter and a girl on the topic of immigration is fascinating to me. I would LOOOOVE to hear the debate and then to compare it to the legislature debates in Arizona (I would take Lamb, Jones and Enes's version for eloquence). Add to that the idea that Enes, a Turkish citizen, was assigned to be anti-immigration...and well, it would be amazing. Unfortunately we may never know what the debate would entail, but we might attempt to reenact it on a future KSR podcast. Oh and if someone tells me that Jon Hood and Deandre Liggins are debating Stacey Poole and Jarrod Polson on Dont Ask, Dont Tell...I might lose it.

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