Jones or Barnes? The nation speaks.

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


Just a couple of posts before this, Matt touched on the struggles of one Harrison Barnes, Carolina's best freshman and some people's preseason player of the year. One thing that hasn't helped Barnes' case has been the emergence of Terrence Jones as a bona fide star and possibly the best frosh in the country over the last two weeks. Jones has turned heads all over the nation, partially thanks to Kentucky spending last week on ESPN and partially thanks to him being a monster in pretty much every game so far this season. The other thing Jones has apparently turned is the national discussion, steering it away from 'Omigosh Harrison Barnes is soooooo dreamy' and instead towards 'Terrence Jones is equally dreamy and possibly even moreso'. Well, in case you were wondering who those outside of the Bluegrass think is the dreamiest, ESPN put the question to the country, asking 'Which freshman would you rather have on your team?' The results were fairly evenly split: jonesmap Ok, you caught me. I lied about the results being close. Jones has proven himself to be the superior player so far this year and the country, including North Carolina, has taken notice. And if they haven't, then watching Jones thrash the diet blue Heels, and Barnes in particular, this weekend should get them to come around. I'm looking at you Iowa. Whatever happens this Saturday, we can safely say that two trends seem likely to continue. Kentucky has the most dynamic rook in the nation, and Roy Williams is whiny at an unmatched level. These things we know for sure. Go Terrence Jones. Go Big Blue.

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