Jordan Bonner ready for UK after stabbing

Jordan Bonner ready for UK after stabbing

Drew Franklinover 5 years


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bonner Larry Vaught caught up with UK signee Jordan Bonner to see where Bonner stands in his recovery from a stabbing back in March. Bonner told Vaught, "Health-wise, I am all good now. I am about able to go 100 percent." It's a pretty miraculous recovery from the stabbing he suffered while back home in Cleveland over spring break, earlier this year. The Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College linebacker was stabbed three times in his chest, back and abdomen; his mother said he was lucky to be alive after the incident. Bonner missed only two weeks of school, however, and has completed his JUCO coursework to be eligible for Kentucky. He will graduate from NEO A&M later this month and make the move to Lexington in June, ready to begin his career as a Wildcat. Read plenty more from Bonner in Vaught's story here. He is a very lucky young man.

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