Jorts Contributes to His Own Jorts Day
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Jorts Contributes to His Own Jorts Day

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
imagejpeg_2_29 Here is why Josh Harrellson will go down as one of my favorite players to ever wear the Blue and White. It is not because he has improved so much this year to become a valued contributor. It is not because he has a great sense of humor and makes fun of me constantly (although he does). It is not because he is so nice to the many fans who approach him and spends more time interacting with them than any player I can remember. It is that Jorts gets what being a UK player is about and likes to have fun, a trait that can often be forgotten in this whole thing. Take for instance the whole notion of Jorts Day. When I told Harrellson we would be doing it, he asked me how he could help. Now think about that for a second, he wanted to know how HE could help the fans with Jorts Day. How cool is that? So I suggested picture contributions and he then sent the pictures in this post while wearing Jorts. Above he got Darius Miller, Enes Kanter and Wayne Turner to put on the Jorts to celebrate the big day. Denim never saw so many advocates. Then he went with a shirt honoring the site: imagejpeg_3_5 He did a replica of the Enes dunk picture in the Jorts: imagejpeg_2_30 Finally, he recreated the famous free throw picturewhere we first learned about Jorts so long ago: imagejpeg_2_31 All of these pictures were Jorts's idea and his doing. It proves to me why I like him so much and why he will be a beloved former UK player when he hangs up the denim one day. Here's to you have joined Richie, Magloire, Woo, P-Pat and Cousins in my six man rotation (Krebs is the team's walk-on) for favorite UK players to wear the uniform. Hope you have a great day

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