Jorts senior day chat wrap

Jorts senior day chat wrap

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


jorts Earlier today, our man Jorts took part in a live chat over at UK Athletics to connect with his fans ahead of his big Senior Night celebration. Here's a look at some of the highlights from the chat:
What are your plans after you graduate? JH: I definitely plan on trying out for NBA Draft, testing out the waters. If that doesn't work I'll see what overseas offers. If that doesn't work hopefully I'll do something with kids one day. What has been your fav moment at UK? JH: Definitely the Louisville game, and all of last year, but definitely the Louisville game. What kind of music do you listen to pre-game? Any favorite songs? JH: Play that funky music white boy is always a good one. A little R. Kelly and Eminem too. Do you think you'll cry tomorrow? Eric Lindsey: His brother is in the room and is nodding yes. JH: I'll have teary eyes but I don't know if they'll be running down the cheeks or not. If I see my parents cry, I'll cry. For tomorrow's game: clean-shaven, or bearded? JH: As of right now we're going to keep the chin strap but things might change before game time. What is your weirdest fan moment at UK? JH: I was walking to a football game. Me, Perry and Mark Krebs and we were dropped off by the Johnson Center. There was a party bus and a bunch of guys out there drinking a little bit. This one guy got a hold of us, grabbed my hand and started screaming out, "it's Jorts!" and then he looked down and started chanting out "Jorts is wearing Jorts! Jorts is wearing Jorts!" Do you have any other nicknames? or nicknames for any teammates? JH: They call me Big Nasty, Big White Kid. Jarrod Polson is Justin Bieber. Hoody is Squirrel. Some call Doron Smush Parker. I call Enes, Turkey. Who is your favorite celebrity you have met? JH: My girlfriend, Ashley Judd.
So there's a little sampling of what the big fella had to say before he's honored as the lone senior on this year's squad. There's plenty more to check out in the full chat, as he talks about his favorite part of playing for Cal and who he still keeps in touch with, among other topics. You can find the whole thing by following this link. Go Cats. Go Jorts.

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