Jose Canseco and His Girlfriend Fight...and Mark Krebs is There

Matt Jonesover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dfaew Admittedly, we don't spend a ton of time on here talking about Jose Canseco's love life. This probably our mistake, as I am sure it is interesting and full of information that we all need. But some in the UK/KSR family have been keeping up with it as seen by this online fight between Jose Canseco and his now ex-girlfriend. It all started when Jose engaged in some Facebook flirting with a random girl that was not his girlfriend. That girl put their exchange below on Twitter: Not surprisingly, Jose's girlfriend was none too pleased. Jose tried to take up for himself (as all guys do) and said that the exchange was just him being nice. But KSTV legend Mark Krebs wasn't buying it and made the following comment below, which was then responded to by Canseco's lady: From there, the fight between Jose and his lady got nasty, with the ex-girlfriend airing all of Jose's dirty laundry online. The entire exchange can be read at this site. Our man Mark Krebs's tweet is featured prominently in the discussion, and is one of many on the subject. While Mark has been away working on his movie career, he seems to have found his groove and is doing quite well. But for his sake, I hope that Canseco doesn't spend a whole lot of time in New Orleans.

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