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Joseph Conrad's Monday News and Views

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
conrad.jpg Today's birthday comes an author more famous for the movie he inspired than for the classic books that he wrote. Joseph Conrad was an author that as a high school student I equated with the adjective "awful", thanks to a particular English teacher I wasnt fond of insistence on making us read "Heart of Darkness" during a period when I was much more focused on trying to win a team state championship in golf (we didnt). Conrad's best known work is a dark novel about the human psyche and was the basis for the classic film "Apocalypse Now." However at the time I read it, I found it amazingly dull and was only mildly interested in it for the fact that Conrad was a Polish born writer who learned English in his 20s and then wrote all his novels in that amazing achievement. However when I got older I picked up "Heart of Darkness" again, read it....and found it much more impressive. If you like watching Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando and a young Laurence Fishburne in "Apocalypse Now", you should check out the book that spawned it. Granted, its not as consistently entertaining as an episode of "The Hills", but it has its worth. To the news........ (1) BOWL BIDS -- Today came the official news that Cats fans had been anticipating for about a week now....Kentucky will be in Nashville on New Years Eve to play in the Music City Bowl against the Florida State Seminoles. There is a lot to be excited about with this game, including the ability to compete against a name opponent, with lots of talent on the field. Plus you play the 'Noles and you get Bobby Bo....entering the game with his 80 year old tan and the ability to make Old Man Brooks the young coach in the game for one of the very rare times of his career. Finally, any time you get the Cats in Nashville for anything you get a good time and spending Dec 30 and 31 (including New Years Eve night) in Nashville with the Kentucky Sports Radio crew is not a bad gig at all. While there may be some disappointment in the game, I will take the CrimiNoles in Nashville over Clemson again in Atlanta. The ghost of Marty Moore lives too strong..... (2) UNC FALLOUT -- As the UNC game fades into memory, three things stand out going forward. First, I was amazed at just how positive Billy Clyde was after the game. He expressed a belief to the media that this was the best performance of the year and that view carried through to the players. To a person, all mentioned how positive they were about the game and how they thought they could play UNC. Ramel and Joe even expressed a hope they would see them again come tournament time. Second, everyone involved, especially those from UNC, raved about Patrick Patterson. Roy called him "special" a number of times and the UNC beat writers spoke about how he was one of the best young big men they had seen in some time. His effort is unbelievable and players and coaches from other teams do appreciate it. Finally, I was struck with the distribution of minutes. While the crowd chanted for Legion and some of the UK legends I sat with wondered why Stewart didnt get more PT, Coach Clyde stuck with Porter and Coury and showed that whatever it is he is looking for, it will be the determinative factor in playing time. That shows resolve from the coach and determination to stay with his gameplan. (3): SCOTTY HOPSON: -- Very interesting news coming out of the Scotty Hopson camp this weekend. Jerry Tipton (who to his credit has been on a mini-roll this week) spoke with his mother, who confirmed he will wait until the Spring to sign. She also stated that UK was interested, as seen by the fact that Billy Clyde, Cyprien and Webster were all at his game this weekend. But much more interesting to me was the comment that Billy Clyde had one-upped Mississippi St's two-year plan to get Hopson to the NBA by coming up with a ONE YEAR plan to make it happen. That answers a question some have wondered about Gillispie, whether he would go after one-and-done guys. The answer is yes, and it is not only clear he will go after them, he is going to SELL them on that fact. (4) RAMEL's LIP: -- The most striking scene after the game was the sight of a bloody Ramel Bradley, with a swollen lip with five stitches, thanks to the shot he took at the end of the game. While Ramel was worried about the hit (asking me if he "still looked pretty"), he was more confident about the team. "We are close, we really are," he said. "I like what we are doing and we are going to surprise people." Today we will unveil a new feature, which finally has a great person to make it work. Brian the Intern from the radio show will be starting his links from the internet. Everyday he will search the net for UK stories, pick the best ones and link them here every morning between 10 and 11. That way you can get your whole UK fix in one-stop shopping. Check it out this morning. Until then, scroll down and see what you missed this weekend.....Shawn Bridwell let you know what football players were on redshirt and what they can give next year and Darius Miller has quite a dunk. More later........

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