Josh Selby cleared to play

Drew Franklinalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Nine games. Nine. Effing. Games. Josh Selby must sit nine games and pay $5,757.58 to a charity of his choice (probably the Josh Selby Foundation) before he is on the floor dribbling his little heart out in Phog Allen Fieldhouse.  The NCAA used its random ruling generator (a paper fortune teller) to come to the decision yesterday.  Selby was originally declared ineligible for accepting "impermissible benefits" from Bay Frazier, Carmelo Anthony's business manager.  The Selby family insists Frazier was just a "family friend." Family friends walk the dogs when you're in Gatlinburg for the weekend. Family friends send you $10 when you graduate high school. Family friends bring potato salad to cookouts and it's not even homemade.  I don't have one family friend who gives me "impermissible benefits" valued at more than $1,000.  Damn you, NCAA. Nine games. $5,757.58.  That's chump change in Kansas.  Samantha Ryan makes $5,757.58 without messing her hair up.  Nine games. Free Enes. Discuss.

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