Josh Selby the Newest "It" Name

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
selby So lets say you are one of those fans that I would call the "average rabid UK fan." You come on the internet and check this site nearly every day, you follow all the latest information and you know just about everything there is to know about the current team. You like watching recruiting, but you dont get too into the minutia of it all and really are only interested if a player is serious about Kentucky and the Cats are a major player. Well if that is the case, then it is time to follow the case of Josh Selby. If you were on the site this weekend, then you obviously know by now that Selby, a Top 10 player by some services, decommitted from Tennessee and re-opened his recruiting process. After that news, Jeff Goodman got the UK fanbase excited with a comment that UK was the leader for Selby's services and that the Cats were in a great position for him. All of a sudden Selby and UK seemed to go together like peanut butter and jelly and the thought that the Cats had found their new point guard was ubiquitous. Then came part two of the story today as a UT website quoted a Tennessee assistant basketball coach as saying "something smells" about the Selby situation. My first thought when I heard the quote was that this would of course be a recruiting violation and that Lane Kiffin would surely call the NCAA office on his fellow coach. However the assistant apparently prefaced this remark by saying he wasnt "talking about any recruit in particular", but then making clear that the recruiting situation in question had an odor. An assistant coach making such a comment is quite provocative and has made the wider sports world take notice. Deadspin and The Big Lead both did a post about this today and in this slow sports week, the story is gaining traction. So what is the actual situation on Josh Selby? Well today I spoke with someone close to the UK staff who said that John Calipari has not spoken with Josh Selby since after his Tennessee commitment. Many of the rumors coming out after the decommitment from the Vols had some connection with UK and his decision, but from what I have been told this is not the case at all. The staff likes Selby and expects to recruit him, but not only did they have no role in his decision to decommit from Tennessee, I am told they expect other schools to be coming after Selby hard, including Memphis, North Carolina and Duke. In fact, while interested in Selby, UK also is still pursuing Brandon Knight and it is not likely, with Eric Bledsoe on the roster next year, that they would take both young men. Thus the "Josh Selby decommitted to come to UK" may be a bit premature at best. Selby is a great basketball player and is going to have a huge impact on the college program he attends. And yes, Kentucky will likely be a player for his services, as his mom suggested to me when we spoke on Sunday. But Kentucky's role in the process has been exaggerated and from what I am told, it will still be some time before a Selby commitment will take place. Calipari hasnt spoken to Josh and the UK-Selby relationship is not nearly close enough to have led to any decision by him. What happens remains to be seen, but the idea that since changing his mind about the Vols, Selby is ready to pull the trigger tomorrow for the Cats is not likely the case. We will have more all day as Fake Gimel announces the contestants for the Hollywood Squares game, we introduce more Blogger finalists and we get ready for SEC Football Media Days. Stay tuned.......

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