Joshua Harrellson Rocking the Jean Shorts

Joshua Harrellson Rocking the Jean Shorts

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
harrellson44.jpg As you know, we have been a big fan of Josh Harrellson since his first moment on campus. If you will allow us to reminisce back to his opening visit, Josh came to campus, proudly rocking the Jean Shorts everywhere he went, leading to his nickname "Jorts" that hopefully will live forever. And what is even better? Josh likes being known for the denim. In the last few weeks, we have seen him out and every time we chat with him, he mentions his affinity for the site and his connection to wearing the shorts made of denim So the last time I saw him, I mentioned that I couldnt find a picture of him since arriving on campus, rocking the jean shorts. He smiled and said, "I will take care of that." Then yesterday, I received a message from Josh and next thing you know, this picture arrived, especially for Kentucky Sports Radio: joshuah.jpg Two things of note....first the Wildcat Lodge dorm rooms are a bit more barren than I would have thought....and second, Josh Harrellson is officially Kentucky Sports Radio's favorite player.

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