Julius Mays' High School Coach Tweets His Thoughts on Decision

Ally Tuckerover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
      Julius Mays' high school coach, Joe Luce, took to Twitter late last night to weigh in on his feelings about the decision for Julius to attend Kentucky. Earlier in the weekend Luce had tweeted about having a great visit at Purdue with Mays. If you go back through and read Luce's newsfeed, it's clear that he was pulling for Purdue in the recruiting race to secure Mays' services. (Spoiler alert: he really thinks Purdue is classy). Mays is an Indiana kid and Luce is an Indiana coach. The feelings by Luce aren't necessarily surprising. Also not surprising, Luce is a friend of Purdue's head coach, Matt Painter.   I'll let you all be the judge on whether or not it is appropriate for Julius Mays' high school coach to let his doubts be known over Twitter about the decision...   **UPDATED**   From @Kid_Keyz1:     Joe Luce has responded to a tweet from a fan explaining his thoughts on Julius Mays' decision.  BBN and Calipari beg to differ...

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