Julius Randle and James Young talk karaoke, junk food, and who they want to dunk on

YouTube NBA channel Pro Basketball recently had some fun with the NBA Rookies, asking them a variety of silly questions, which prompted a variety of silly answers. For example, when asked what their favorite go-to karaoke song was, both Julius Randle and James Young chose songs by Drake. Actually, Julius said he could sing “any Drake song,” with hand motions and everything, while James Young picked Drake’s “0 to 100,” and even belted out a few lines for us, which you can see above.

Pro Basketball also asked…

Who would play you and your love interest in a movie of your life?

Julius had no comment, while James thinks he’s a dead ringer for Nick Young, and Iggy Azelea could play his bae.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.38.58 AMswaggy-iggy-gq-bts

Alright, I can kind of see it.

NBA Player you’d most like to dunk on?

Julius took the safe route, laughing and saying “We’ll see what happens.” (BOOOO, give us an answer.) Meanwhile, James gave the most popular and predictable answer: LeBron James.

What’s your favorite junk food?

Julius likes the sweets, and said he goes for anything with brownies and ice cream or “one of those pan cookies and ice cream.” James could be looking a a future endorsement deal with his answer: “Cheeseburger, oh my god. Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys.”

What’s the coolest job other than the NBA?

Julius said something around basketball and working with kids, while James went an unexpected route and said either a judge or the CIA.

Move over Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown, Judge James is taking over.


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