Julius Randle doesn't like how his list leaked

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Julius Randle trimmed his list to six schools, but he doesn't like the way the news leaked to the media yesterday afternoon. The final six schools in consideration were announced via his high school's Twitter account, not by Randle. “This isn’t the way that Julius wanted to put the list out,” Randle's mother Carolyn Kyles told USA Today. “He wanted to do it himself, but this is his new list. It’s true.” Kyles told Randle after his in-home visits last month that he would call each school and tell them himself. “No one else does that though ma,” Randle said to his mother. “No one.” “Well, I can’t speak for everyone else,” she responded. “But you’re my son, and my son is a man. These are the types of things that men do.” Regardless of how the news leaked and whether or not Randle was able to call the coaches before it got out, the remaining six schools -- Kentucky, NC State, Florida, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma -- are final. “Julius just wanted to go ahead and cut it down,” Kyles said. “Some people may be surprised about the list, but it’s 100 percent his decision and I support him. He’s given it a lot of thought, and we’re happy with his list.”   On a related note, a writer for North Carolina's Rivals site has an interesting way of breaking it down: Come on down?

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