Julius Randle's AAU coach talks about his star player and the Harrison twins

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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Julius Randle and the Harrison twins will be playing together tomorrow night at the Elite 24 event (on ESPNU at 7:00 ET) and Randle's AAU coach is really looking forward to it. “That will be really interesting. It really will be,” Scott Pospichal said in an interview with the Herald-Leader. “Sometimes the twins can get a bad rap because of their competitive nature. … They’re very competitive. But if that goes well and they share the ball and try to make it about the team and not about them … and that goes for Julius, too … that could be really interesting.” The twins and Randle could also -- and hopefully will -- be playing as teammates next season at Kentucky. Pospichal likes what Cal is doing in Lexington and he likes the idea of his star AAU player going to UK. “What (Calipari) has done here recently is kind of unrivaled. He’s put together this formula like Gatorade. Everybody’s drinking it. It’s amazing.” Yes, it is amazing. We'd love to see Julius and the Harrison twins share a glass of it, too. [Randle Has Complicated History With The Harrison Twins]

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