Julius Randle's AAU coach talks about upcoming UK visit

Corey Nicholsabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Doesn't he look sharp in that blue and white Nike jersey? The newly-minted number one player in ESPN's 2013 Top 100 plans to visit the UK campus this month, as our very own Drew Franklin mentioned yesterday.  Kentucky is one of only two scheduled visits so far, along with SEC colleague Florida.  In light of this news, SNY.tv got a hold of Scott Pospichal, Randle's AAU coach, to discuss the trip.  Pospichal had a few flattering things to say about  Calipari and the Wildcats:
I mean, come on. Of course it’s appealing. If you’re making a business decision, you really have to pay attention to [Kentucky]. What [John] Calipari’s been able to do the last year, it’s like he came up with the recipe for Gatorade.  What he’s done the last two years is spectacular. Give him credit for what he’s done. The University of Kentucky deserves it.
I like this guy already.  But in true "close to the vest" recruiting form, he just had to mention that it's not in the bag just yet.
Do you think if he goes somewhere else other than Kentucky, do you think it’s going to really hurt him? If Jabari Parker goes and plays at Yale or Stanford instead of Kentucky or Duke, does it really matter? Those kids are special kids.
It's true that both Parker and Randle are special, but ask C.J. Leslie whether school matters.  It's not only about the publicity available; if that were the case, Kentucky would win every battle.  NBA scouts are paid to know about the guys at the lesser-known schools, like Terrence Ross at Washington.  But the level of talent, and competition, on your own team has a profound impact on players' improvement.  "Iron sharpeneth iron," as they say, and there's no better team to practice against than Kentucky. Pospichal expects Randle to visit one or two other "major powers" during his senior year.  He also mentioned that Baylor has been recruiting Julius especially hard, which makes sense considering that he's a Texas native.  Somewhere, an anonymous CBS poll is salivating over the fact that Scott Drew and Calipari are competing for a recruit. Whatever other visits Randle plans, the Alumni game now features present, past, and possibly future Wildcats.  It's like three generations.

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