Julius Randle's coach says he's most comfortable with Calipari

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He's already met Beyonce...can Drake compare? Roy Williams can trot out all the conference title rings he wants, but in the end, Julius Randle will play for the coach he's most comfortable with. Rivals' Corey Albertson interviewed Randle's high school coach, Chris Mayberry, who was at Randle's home during the visit, and Mayberry said right now, Julius has the best relationship with Cal:
"There are a few coaches that Julius is willing to confide in, and that he reaches out to with questions," Mayberry said, "But, I think that Calipari is by far the one that Julius is most comfortable with. Comfort in his recruitment is going to be huge, so I think that's great that Julius and John (Calipari) have that type of early relationship."
Mayberry also said that Cal's passion for the program stood out, as did his reminder that Kentucky's not for everyone. If the number one player in the 2013 class decides to come to Kentucky, he has to be comfortable with the rock-star status that comes along with it. Mayberry said Randle is not only prepared for that, but that it's one of his favorite things about the program. Because of a scheduling conflict, Randle isn't able to attend Midnight Madness, so instead he's coming to the Alumni Game this weekend, an event Cal is making sure will impress him and his family (lots of shiny things!). But, after all the rings, banners, practice facilities, and residence halls, Cal wants to make sure Randle picks the school he's most comfortable with:
"Cal told us that it doesn't matter who calls, texts or shows the most attention to us," Mayberry said, "What matters is feeling the most comfortable with a program. Julius has his head on straight and understands that, comfort will probably ultimately determine Julius' college decision."
Getting to meet John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo, and Drake can't hurt. See you on Saturday, Julius. [Rivals: Randle understands that Kentucky isn't for everyone]

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