Just 3 days left in 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger Voting

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Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Matt Jones continues to hold a comfortable lead in the KSR Favorite Blogger Contest.  But, with 3 days of voting still remaining, Drew and Beisner still have a shot.  Tyler Thompson continues to pay every person she knows to vote for her, but many of an election has been bought in this country.  I'm just not sure anyone has bought 4th place like Tyler is.   Anyway, the poll should be refreshed again, so place you vote.  After 5 days of voting (6,962 votes total) Matt Jones: 2,060 (30%) Drew Franklin: 1,669 (24%) Beisner: 1,316 (19%) Tyler Thompson: 593 (9%) Kate Martin: 464 (7%) BTI: 450 (6%) Will Lentz: 148 (2%) Dustin Rumbaugh: 117 (2%) Patrick Barker: 53 (1%) Hunter Campbell: 50 (1%) Christopher Johns: 42 (1%) As a side note, keep in mind these things: Matt Jones-Raging Liberal Drew Franklin- Once Killed a Man Beisner-Thinks Eric Bledsoe did not pass Algebra 2 Tyler Thompson- Wore red to this years UK-UL basketball game Kate Martin-Quit on KSR to write for DukeSportsRadio The vote seems obvious to me. 

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