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utep20logo Ok UTEP, we're even now. I was mad at you for the whole Billy thing (being so bad that Gillispie was able to fix you and then come and screw us) but I think after last night, we can call a truce. Gillispie's former team beat the Memphis Tigers last night, ending their consecutive conference win streak at 64. This wouldn't matter to us except that it kept them from breaking Kentucky's fifty year old record and left me to wonder why we haven't yet received this gift of karma that we've been so vehemently promised by the Tiger fans. I'm sure its "in the mail". Though I'm probably feeding the "you're not a real fan" cops, I really didn't know we even held this record. Everyone knows about the "big" records (e.g. all-time wins, championships, etc.) but some of the more obscure ones tend to fall through the cracks. I thought I'd take a gander at the NCAA record book (Caution: Enter at your own risk. Summary is not their strong suit.) and see what other things Kentucky is number one at. Combined Points, Two Opposing Players on Division 1 teams in one game 115- Pete Maravich(64), LSU and Dan Issel(51), Kentucky, Feb. 21, 1970 Second-Half Deficit Overcome to win game 31-Duke v. Tulane Dec. 30, 1950 and Kentucky v. LSU Feb. 15,1994 Most Rebounds in a Game: 108-Kentucky vs. Mississippi, Feb. 8, 1964 Fewest points allowed in a game (since 1938) 6- Tennessee v. Temple 1973; Kentucky v. Arkansas St. 1945 Fewest Field Goals in a game (since 1938) 2- Arkansas St. v Kentucky 1945 (I guess Arkansas St. wasn't very good that year. Most Rebounds in a Season: 2,109- Kentucky, 1951 (34 games) Most Games in a season (since 1948) 40-Duke 86, UNLV 90, Kentucky 97, Florida 07, Kansas 08, Memphis 08 Consecutive Home Court Victories 129- Kentucky 1943-1955 Consecutive Non-Losing Seasons 60-Kentucky 1928-1952 (Edit:  and 1954-1988.  Didn't play the 1953 season) Winingest Team by decade 1940-49 Kentucky (239 wins) 1950-59 Kentucky (224 wins) Preseason No. 1 to not ranked No.1 the rest of the season (Not exactly something to be proud of) 1970, South Carolina 1978, North Carolina 1981, Kentucky 1986, Georgia Tech 1988, Syracuse 1990, UNLV 2000, Uconn Largest Point Margin in Defeating a No. 1 team 41- No. 2 Kentucky def. No. 1 St. John's 81-40 on Dec 17, 1951. Just some more things to brag obnoxiously about in the message boards.

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