Just in Time for BBM Campout, A New Basketball Practice Report

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[caption id="attachment_208004" align="alignnone" width="588"]CoachCal.com CoachCal.com[/caption] While many wait across the street from Memorial Coliseum, the Kentucky basketball team is busy at work inside the Joe Craft Center.  Metz Camfield of CoachCal.com was there for one of their weekly two-hour work outs and has plenty to report. There's one big difference from this report than the last one we received: Bam Adebayo is back.  There are high expectations for Bam, and they aren't tempered when you hear...
Adebayo gets off the ground effortlessly. He not only does not look like a freshman, he doesn’t play like a freshman. The amount of space Adebayo takes up on the court swallows the paint. Offensively, he has the strength to establish position consistently and he can back his way down toward the basket if he desires. Defensively, he’s quick enough to poke away entry passes and can switch off with guards. All were on display Tuesday.
Humphries received more hype than anybody over the summer.  Bam's presence changes the dynamics of the practice, but Metz notes the competition is making both of them better.  The weight Humphries lost over the summer is paying dividends against Adebayo's athleticism, but it didn't prevent Bam from making the highlight of the day on defense. From the backcourt, Calipari is asking the guards to directly attack the rim.  Instead of trying to cross the defender over in transition, he wants them to make one move before exploding to the rim.  It makes sense: Briscoe is an excellent finisher, De'Aaron Fox's speed is incomparable and Malik Monk's strength is surprising. "Coach Cal could only laugh after Monk scored repeatedly in their transition drill," Metz said. The practice report also notes the confidence from the pair of seniors from Kentucky, the length and athleticism from Sacha Killeya-Jones and Wenyen Gabriel, and much more.

CoachCal.com Practice Report

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