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uk-fans-of-the-day-jan-10 A couple of notes on what has been a pretty busy day already...  - The Enes anger has not yet subsided and the remarks of Mark Emmert only served to fan the flames.  Matt Jones takes some time out from lounging with those new cooler kids at CBS to post his take on the goofiness of Emmert's interview.  As usual, make sure you read it, talk about.  Maybe even comment.  - The sadness of a rough weekend lingered into Monday as Kentucky was shut out of the SEC weekly awards.  Even more strange, South Carolina swept with Sam Muldrow winning Player of the Week and Bruce Ellington won Freshman of the Week.  This either means that they're being rewarded for an upset of Vandy or we've reached the point in the season where they start handing it out to all the guys who haven't gotten it yet.  On that note, I'd like to thank Edward Jones for my undeserved Oldham County Player of the Week Award in 2001.  - Kentucky's loss to Georgia didn't hurt them too terribly in the rankings as they found themselves at #13 and #15 in the AP and ESPN polls.  The Dawgs slipped in at #24 in the AP as the only other SEC team ranked in either poll.  Tennessee has reached the point that they're not even getting points in the ESPN poll.   - Along that same line, Coach Cal did what he seems to do in every weekly call this time of the year and had to defend the SEC.  As the biggest name and the coach of the only consistently good team, Cal gets the same questions every week and he gives essentially the same answers.  Today, he gave the "even struggling teams in this league are hard to beat" and said that it's tough to play on the road.  Next week, he'll talk about how Auburn's 36 points against UK were hard-earned.  - In his portion of the call, Auburn coach and soon-to-be Calipari foe, Tony Barbee, called UK's head man the "most influential male figure in his life" besides his father.  I'd recommend that Barbee break curfew this week because he's going to spank him like his daddy used to Tuesday.  - After it appeared that the award was created specifically for Randall Cobb to win something and the committee took some message board jabs, Randall Cobb did not win the Paul Hornung Award for the nation's most versatile player.  Instead it went to Stanford LB/FB Owen Marecic.  This confirms exactly what I've been saying all year.  Should have put Cobb in at defensive tackle.  Fire Steve Brown.  - With a game against his old teammate on tap tomorrow night in DC, John Wall was asked if he calls DeMarcus Cousins after games to talk.  Wall responded by saying, "I don't call a man at night time."  Matt Jones quickly endorsed the line on Twitter, but I'm still waiting for him to apply it in real life.  #Seriously  #WifeThinksI'mHavingAnAffair #DisappointedSheDoesn'tThinkICanDoBetter  - Some breaking news today in the world of Chinese Basketball as the Beijing Ducks have signed Joe Crawford to join Randolph Morris.  Morris, in case you haven't heard, is the most distructive force to hit the The Middle Kingdom since MSG.  Crawford fills the spot made available by the release of Steve Francis.  - A guy at Bleacher Report asks "Is Wrestling Fake?".  Just wanted to get that up before the Herald-Leader did.  - If you missed it earlier, make sure you check out the Kentucky Sports Radio podcast below.  Matt and EZ talk about a massively disappointing and action-packed weekend while still finding time for all of the favorites to call in.  Give it a listen. Also, in case you missed it Saturday, there was this... georgia-fan-clay-travis

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