Karl-Anthony Towns perfectly decribes the bond between Wildcats

Drew Franklin05/05/16


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While sitting in on this morning's Kentucky Sports Radio radio, Karl-Anthony Towns was asked to describe the bond he shares with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis, as three of the top five big men in the NBA today. Towns took that question even further and described the bond between all former Wildcats; and he did it so perfectly and eloquently, it needs its own poster in the basketball facility. No, it needs to be engraved in the brick outside Memorial Coliseum. Take it away, Karl:
"First, it's built off of respect. Everyone has earned their respect from each other, you know. They prove it on the court and that's the biggest thing. And two, I think the biggest thing is that Kentucky connection. People don't get the brotherhood, and this fraternity that is here as a Kentucky basketball player, until they are it. It's something I can only tell you, but it sounds mythical. You have to be part of it. When you're part of this -- when you're part of any Kentucky basketball team in any year, there is an instant connection, instant unity, and an instant feel for each other because we all went through the same process. We all went through the same pain. We all went through the same trials and tribulations. There is nothing more -- like I said before, there is no more pressure you could get than as a Kentucky basketball player; and there is no more respect you could get as a Kentucky basketball player, so it's a double-sided coin."
I'm not sure it can be said any better than that.

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