Karl-Anthony Towns' surprise interview with KSR

Karl-Anthony Towns' surprise interview with KSR

Drew Franklinover 5 years


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towns-ksr Karl-Anthony Towns was the surprise mystery guest on today's edition of Kentucky Sports Radio and he was the absolute best, as he always is. Read some of the main points from the morning and then listen to the entire interview in the podcast down below.   He really, really, really misses Lexington. What exactly does he miss, you ask? "I miss everything," he told KSR. "I miss playing with my teammates, instead of having to play against them everyday. I miss the coaching staff. I miss being at Joe Craft. I miss playing at Rupp. I miss the fans, most importantly. I mean, the fans are what levitate all of us back here. It's the love everyone has for us. "The love is tremendous around here and -- especially for the basketball team. It's amazing. It's just amazing to come back here and still be recognized." He's still not over the Wisconsin game. Towns compared it to wearing a really nice white shirt and "then Wisconsin was the biggest stain." He called it a clam or an oyster with no pearl inside. "I won't be over that forever." He wasn't surprised at all by Devin Booker being one of the best rookies in the NBA.   He thought Booker was worthy of a top-five pick in last year's draft. He and Coach Cal talk twice a week, or more. "If it wasn't for him being Italian, he would be my dad." "He really takes care of all of his kids, his former players." Nothing compares to Kentucky. The outsiders will never understand.   Listen to Towns' interview in the first half of the second hour of today's podcast:

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