Karl Towns' 4 Draft Day Scenarios

Karl Towns' 4 Draft Day Scenarios

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karlcollage2 Last night, we all got a taste of what it would be like to be a Knicks fan. The Knicks, the team with the second best odds to get the first pick in the NBA Draft, ended up with the fourth pick, pretty much destroying our dreams of Karl in a Knicks uniform; however, the lottery put some very interesting scenarios on the table. The Minnesota Timberwolves have the first pick, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers. Karl and Jahlil Okafor are pretty much guaranteed the top two spots, but in what order? Let's break down each scenario. karl-timberwolves2

1. Karl goes first to the Minnesota Timberwolves

If pretty much any other team had gotten the first pick, there would be no question that they'd pick Karl; however, Flip Saunders has made it known that he prefers Okafor. That being said, there are reports today that Saunders is now torn between Okafor and Towns. What a problem to have, right? Although Saunders may have been immediately drawn to Okafor, there's over a month until the draft, and as we know, it only takes Karl a few minutes to make a good impression. Some argue that Towns would actually be a better fit with the Timberwolves than Okafor because of his versatility. Whereas Okafor may be the better player offensively right now, Towns is much stronger on defense, and towards the end of the year, became Kentucky's go-to guy for scoring. He's also shown flashes of a mid-range to outside game, which may have scared the bejeezus out of us early on last year, but could allow him to play alongside Gorgui Dieng. Pros: Towns would join a roster already loaded with young talent, including Andrew Wiggins, Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammed, Anthony Bennett, Adrien Payne, and Zach LaVine. Once that group gels and matures, watch out. Karl and Wiggins are already friends and together, could lead the Timberwolves back to relevance. Plus, there's the chance to play with Kevin Garnett, who Karl said last night could be a great mentor. Cons: He'd have to live in Minnesota, which, if you like lakes and the Mall of America, isn't necessarily a bad thing. Karl being Karl, he'd make the best of it. I can already see him on that roller coaster in the mall, hands up. He'd probably even take up ice fishing. karllakers

2. Karl goes second to the Lakers

Should Minnesota go for Okafor, this is obviously the next option for Karl. And, once you get over not having the bragging rights of being the #1 pick, it might be the best option. Pros: Not only would Karl get to be the face of an historical franchise--we know he's a sucker for those--he'd have a chance to team up with fellow Cat Julius Randle. Can you think of a better front court? There are rumors the Lakers may go after Rajon Rondo as well, which would make for a lot of jersey shipments to the Bluegrass state. Like Garnett in Minnesota, Karl would also have the chance to learn from Kobe Bryant, with whom he's already familiar. Bryant gave Karl a pep talk three years ago when the Dominican Republic national team played Team USA in the 2012 Olympics. “The biggest thing I took away from that game was a confidence level that I could play with these players, that I can play with the best of the best,” Towns told Yahoo Sports' Marc J. Spears. “Kobe talked to me. … He told me to make sure I keep working hard and he talked about some other things. We had a good conversation.” Cons: None. It's California.

3. Karl goes third

Not gonna happen. And if it does, I will riot.

4. The Knicks bring in Kevin Costner from "Draft Day" and trade for the #1 pick

No one believed Sonny Weaver Jr. could turn the Cleveland Browns around, but he somehow turned the program's 7th pick into a 1st pick, a 7th pick, AND a star punt returner for the hell of it. I suggest Phil Jackson get Kevin Costner on the phone right now and pressure him into some method acting to bring Karl to New York. "Draft Day 2" perhaps?!
Obviously, my preference is scenario #4, but sadly, I don't see that happening. Minnesota may have more talent to surround Karl with right now, but teaming up with Randle to rebuild one of the league's greatest programs is more than just a consolation prize. It's the dream. Add in the possibility of Willie Cauley-Stein going to Sacramento to play with Boogie and a blue-hued Lakers/Kings rivalry? Fuggedaboutit.

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