Karl Towns: This year's Kentucky team is "almost reminiscent of our team"

Karl Towns: This year's Kentucky team is "almost reminiscent of our team"

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screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-04-46-am Karl Towns wasn't able to go to Big Blue Madness (for the reason why, click here), but he did get the chance to see the team play this summer, and even though it was very early on, came away impressed. "You know what, this summer I did [get to see them play]. I had a chance to watch them a bit. I think they're going to be very good," Karl said. "Just the talent level they have, it's something that's scary because sometimes, I'm watching them play and I'm watching them work out and everything, and it's almost reminiscent of our team." If I remember correctly, Karl's team was pretty good, so that is a bold statement. One of the big pieces in the post this year will be Bam Adebayo, and when asked about Bam, Karl teased that he doesn't call the freshman by his name, he calls him by the name of the player to whom many are comparing him. "I don't call him by that. I call him Dwight Howard," Karl joked. When I pointed out that Bam doesn't like Dwight Howard comparisons, Karl quipped, "I know he don't, that's why I call him that." Jokes aside, Karl said Bam is similar to Howard in size, but has something the NBA All-Star doesn't: midrange game. "He's going to be a heck of a player. We always say in comparison to Dwight Howard because of his size and his shoulders, but he has a midrange shot that Dwight doesn't have and I think that's really going to help out. He's a tremendous athlete, a great body, and I see nothing but great things for him, especially at Kentucky." Strong words from the Rookie of the Year, who had 16 points and 14 rebounds in 28 minutes last night, but in classic Karl style, is still his own worst critic. "Well, 5-12 [shooting], that's not the best, have to pick that up. Four turnovers, that's really not good. Zero assists to go with four turnovers, so that's pretty bad. Fourteen rebounds but five offensive, that's solid, I like that. It's gotta be a team effort. Biggest stat that matters as a team is that we won." Karl even looked upset with himself as he went to the bench at the end of the third quarter: Never change, Karl. Ever.

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