Karl Towns to play high school baseball next year

Andrew McCarthyover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
[caption id="attachment_124913" align="alignnone" width="460"]That's the face of a scary person. This dude is going to play high school baseball. Not. Fair.[/caption]   I recently watched on old episode of Entourage, and Mike Tyson was in it. I can't remember exactly what he said --something hilarious about pummeling Ari's face in, basically-- but at that moment, I just remember thinking: yep, that's my worst nightmare. Having Iron Mike crush my skull with his fist would literally be the worst thing imaginable. In fact, I'm pretty sure the order of my top 3 irrational fears would have to go: 1. Tyson-fist-to-face 2. Shark attack 3. Knocking all my teeth out on the bottom of a swimming pool.   You know what would be up there if I were still 17-years-old though? The thought of having to step into the batter's box against Karl Towns. I mean, the kid is 7'1, 240 with freakish athleticism. What's the game plan there? And how certain would my death be?   Unfortunately for all the young baseball players in the Greater Middlesex Conference of the NJIAC, that completely irrational fear just became very, very real. According to Adam Zagoria, Karl Towns, Jr. will be playing baseball his senior year at St. Joe's. And he plans to pitch. The last time he was on the mound? In 8th grade... at which point he was already throwing in the high 80's.   Word of advice to high school baseball players in New Jersey: Quit. It's not worth it.       @McCarthyKSR    

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