Kash Daniel Channels Jon Snow at SEC Media Days

Nick Roushabout 2 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Kash Daniel or King in the North? Kentucky's senior inside linebacker was one of the best dressed players attending 2019's SEC Media Days. The pride of Paintsville slicked his hair back and donned a Stark lapel pin, mirroring the main character from HBO's Game of Thrones. Kash believes he's cut from the same cloth as Jon Snow. "He's just a bad you know what. There's a lot of symbolism behind it, but just overall he's a really cool dude and I like Game of Thrones," Kash said. "Plus I almost got the hair down, so put two and two together." Aside from the outward similarities, Kash can relate to the character who overcame insurmountable odds to succeed. "They're the baddest of the houses. Jon Snow had a 1% chance of beating the White Walkers, but he did." Even so, he wasn't the biggest fan of the way the show ended. "It could have been written differently, but they did what they had to do so, whatever." When Kash arrived with the Jon Snow look, he was greeted by a few of his biggest fans. Kash happily posed for a picture, and even signed the Stone Cold-inspired sign.   [mobile_ad]

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