Kash Daniel reacts to Benny Snell's "I Play for Kentucky" video
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Kash Daniel reacts to Benny Snell's "I Play for Kentucky" video

Maggie Davisabout 3 years


Article written by:Maggie DavisMaggie Davis


After four weeks of dominating performances, Benny Snell is finally getting the attention he deserves. But to his teammates, his selflessness and work ethic have never gone unnoticed. In a video released by KYWildcatsTV yesterday, Snell addresses his haters. "I don’t play for recognition. I don’t play for awards. I play for Kentucky." But, according to teammate Kash Daniel, the video said nothing new. "We've always known that. That's not a thing Benny has had to come out or prove to his teammates," Daniel said of Snell's will-to-win for Kentucky. "If he did it for himself, he wouldn't work this hard. The guy is literally one of the hardest workers I've ever been around. I consider myself a hard worker, but that dude's a hard worker. He motivates me to keep going and never let your teammates down and to always do it for your teammates." Not to be forgotten, Josh Allen also had a video and website go live yesterday. His video, titled "I came back for a reason," details how he's changed from freshman to senior year and what he's here to do, not only for himself and his family, but for Kentucky. But again, that's old news to the team. "The videos of Josh and Benny saying they came back for us and this, this and that. Well, yeah. We've known that," Daniel said. "They just wanted to reiterate it to everybody else that might be thinking Benny is doing this for him. Well, they're absolutely wrong if they think that for one second."
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