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Katie Martinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Katie MartinKatie Martin
 ben-roethlisberger-drunk-2 I'm not gonna lie, not having BTI's picks to click this week or ever again is really bringing me down. How will I possibly get my daily absurd opinion with cute hyperlinks fill? I'm not sure its fully sunk in for me yet. I know Bryan has a lot on his plate right now-being a raid leader, dungeon master and Druid class leader at the same time will take a lot out of a man. But is it really too much to ask for him to put aside just a little of his time to direct us where to click in this vast space we call the internet? I think not. I know some of you are going through withdrawals given the sudden nature of the clicks' demise. So, in order to abate some of that sweating and nausea and in honor of our favorite dearly departed daily column, here are Kate's picks to click-BTI style (one time deal only!): -In his Forde Minutes column, our favorite hater gives out his season awards. I have to agree that Evan Turner is clearly the better choice for player of year over John Wall. He broke his freakin back for pete's sake! And he's leading the Big Ten in nearly every major category. As far as the nineteen-minute player of the year winner from Louisville, I've never even heard of him but I'm going to guess he sucks. Just like soccer sucks. -That girl Kate who is so much better than me at everything, including shooting free throws, should watch who she falls in love with. Big Ben Roethlisberger has yet again been accused of some sort of sexual assault, though charges haven't been filed and the actual acts haven't been revealed. I'm sure he did it because all professional athletes are guilty and never get a fair deal compared to the average man. And if he didn't do it, soccer still sucks. -Surprise, surprise! Tiger's mistress was cheating on him too. With a UFC fighter. Yet another way women are screwing over the nice guys. This girl gets a perfectly nice golfer who would never hurt a fly and will always support her and listen to her cry over her terrible ex boyfriends that she actually still wants to be with and will eventually go back to and be her friend, and then she goes and chooses the "bad boy" over him. Will the nice guy ever get a break? -And just because no clicks would ever be complete without some hilarious video, here we have BTI trying to dunk:

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