Katz: "Briscoe is Lexington's latest leader"

Katz: "Briscoe is Lexington's latest leader"

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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briscoe-fts If Kentucky is going to win the title, it will need the leadership of Isaiah Briscoe, says ESPN's Andy Katz. Katz attended the Wildcats' Pro Day in Lexington last Sunday and it gave him a firsthand look at Briscoe in his new leadership role. Katz also spoke with Briscoe, as well as John Calipari and De'Aaron Fox, about what Briscoe is doing to take the entire team under his wing. In a new clip for ESPN.com, Katz said, "Look, Kentucky has the size, the strength, the depth, the quickness, and the overall talent to challenge for the title, but late-game experience is always a question. Leadership matters. If Briscoe delivers, then it could be one huge problem, solved."

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