Keeping up with the (Pookie) Joneses

John Dubyaabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya You might have to squint your eyes, but that is not Roger Staubach in, it's none other than our man Jared Lorenzen about to unleash a 101mph cutter on an unsuspecting professional defense. J-Lo was one of a host of ex-Wildcats partaking in some fun for all ages preseason action tonight, and the biggun was solid, going 6/13 for 75 yds 1 TD and 0 INT and adding a 14 yard scamper just for the smell of it. Keep this in mind as the season progresses: J-Lo is merely an Eli Manning broken finger/concussion/sprained ankle/upset tummy away from being a starting NFL QB. Some other notables from tonight's preseason action: Otis Grigsby, Carolina: The former UK DE recorded 2 solo tackles and a sack tonight against the Giants. As of today, Grigsby isn't even listed on the depth chart, so perhaps this punctuated performance can at least earn him a practice gig. Tim Couch, Jacksonville: The Tim Couch Experience might be over soon in J-Ville. Couch was the fourth, and last, QB to see action tonight, completing 2/4 for 11 yds 0 TD 0 INT. With the guy Couch had to beat out going 6/9 for 89 yds, you have to figure it'd take a miracle for Couch to be on an NFL roster this season...unless he pulls a Tonya Harding on Byron Leftwitch. Shane Boyd, Arizona: Boyd was able to hang around for backup clipboard duties in the desert last season, and appears destined for the same gig in '07. Boyd was, well Boyd, with a loose 7/19 for 66 yds 0 TD 1 INT effort, but adding a rushing TD.

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