Keion Brooks ran full court drills at UK Pro Day

Keion Brooks ran full court drills at UK Pro Day

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[caption id="attachment_322484" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Chet White | UK Athletics[/caption] Keion Brooks did not look like a player who has missed multiple weeks of preseason practice. Kentucky's only returning contributor participated in full court drills during Thursday night's UK Pro Day at Memorial Coliseum. The first we've seen of Brooks since he suffered a minor calf injury, nothing looked out of place as he sprinted up and down the court during various drills. "I feel good, but this is the hardest I've been going in a while," he said on the SEC Network broadcast, right before he took a deep breath. "This is just part of my progression, getting back and being 100% healthy. I've been feeling good with what I'm allowed to do lately." He's feeling good enough to do this. Absent from working on the court with his new teammates for the first few practices, Brooks sought out other ways to help as a leader of the inexperienced group. "I'm just trying to be there for my teammates. This has been a funky year. It's a little different," Brooks said. "We didn't even know if we were going to have games and stuff like that, or what our schedule looked like, so I'm just trying to be a leader and help anyway I can." He continued, "It's going to be hard, but you know you're not in it by yourself. You've got your teammates and the coaching staff to rely on and to make it a lot easier for you. That's the biggest thing I learned from the guys last year. Every time I was down on myself or felt like I couldn't get through, they was alway there for me and that's what I want to preach to my teammates this year."  

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