Keldon Johnson will "rip your soul out and eat it for lunch"

by:Mrs. Tyler Thompson06/29/18


Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America

Keldon Johnson has earned a reputation as an alpha dog for his no-holds barred play on the court, and as clips continue to trickle out from practice, we’re beginning to see why. Rivals recruiting analyst Corey Evans joined Aaron Torres on today’s KSR to talk about Kentucky’s roster, specifically, Keldon Johnson.

“When I think about the one guy I’m excited about seeing how he does next year, it’s Keldon Johnson just because, going back to that leader type, who was Kentucky’s leader last year? We still don’t know. Ashton Hagans and [Immanuel] Quickley are going to be two guys who aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Reid Travis is going to step in and, of course, bring — he’s 23 years old, probably? But Keldon Johnson is an alpha dog. He’s an outgoing guy that’s going to rip your soul out and eat it for lunch. He’s that kind of dude. That’s the kind of guy that Kentucky needs.”

These dunks from last night’s practice back that up:

Evans said Tyler Herro could be another missing piece the Cats didn’t have last season.

“I think maybe the most important [player] may be Tyler Herro. I hate to bring it up, but who’s going to make jump shots for Kentucky? Who was making those last year? That was the dilemma. It was like, let’s throw a party when Hamidou Diallo makes a jump shot. It opened up a new paradigm for Kentucky Basketball. Tyler Herro, if he can make jump shots consistently — he’s more of a midrange guy but if he can extend it be consistently a 38 percent guy from three-point range and Jemarl Baker comes in and does the same thing, that’s very crucial. That’s vital to the team’s ultimate basketball ceiling next year.”

And don’t forget about Reid Travis, whom Evans called Calipari’s response to the one-and-done fatigue.

“We can all poo-poo, Kentucky can’t win bc they’re one-and-done, but Reid Travis is Calipari’s response,” Evans said. “He’s a 6-9 guy who has been there, done that and is going to help level out things when things don’t go well for Kentucky next year. What more do you want?”

Giggity. I’ll add the audio from the podcast once it’s available.


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