Kelly Ripa vs Clay Aiken: Who you Got?

Kelly Ripa vs Clay Aiken: Who you Got?

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
It is almost Thanksgiving....which of course means it is time to give thanks. And what am I thankful for....well you might just say the new Kelly Ripa vs Clay Aiken feud, and you would be correct. For those of you that dont know what happened, watch the video below and you will get the whole story: Now of course there are lots of ways to come out on this. One, it is the worst kept secret in the long history of closeted celebrities that Clay Aiken is gay. I know there are middle-aged housewives in Missouri who do not accept that and hope that Clay will come and marry their farm girl daughter, but folks it aint happening. We are much more likely to see Clay Aiken on "Dancing With the Stars" partnered with Matt Walsh than we are ever likely to see Clay with an actual woman. Second, Kelly Ripa, while hot, is an idiot. Listening to her talk gives me a feeling that every guy knows.....that feeling of "ok you are hot, but seriously if you say another word, I may have to throw this pitcher of Dr. Pepper in your eye." She is perfect fodder for Regis and is infinitely more likeable that Kathie Lee, but I cant imagine actually watching her every morning. So who do I take on this feud? Well for me, regardless of her brain power, it is nevertheless Kelly. Clay Aiken acted rudely in putting his hand over her mouth and I agree with all the girl power folks who say he would have never done that to a man. Kelly was ripe to be upset, although if I were her I would have come back with a Lance Bass joke, just to be really rude and outlandish. I have always been skeptical of Clay since his legendary showdown with Ruben (the Ali-Frazier of American Idol). I admit that I liked the song "If I were Invisible.....then I could just watch you in your room" (kind of creepy lyrics if you think about it) and is from Raleigh, where I lived for a year. But Clay seems slimy to if you left the room he would steal your boyfriend (not that you have a boyfriend....well you might....not that there is anything wrong with that). And Kelly....well she is hot....and likely could be a Kentucky Sports Radio Girl if she works at it. So there you go....Kelly-Clay....a fight for the ages. I smell a new season of "Celebrity Boxing"....

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