Kent Sterling, whoever that is, reporting an investigation into Josh Selby's recruitment

Hunter Campbellabout 11 years


sterling Citing "a person close to the investigation," Sterling has opted to join the ranks of Pete Thamel, Michael O'Brien and their ilk in attempting to break some hard-hitting news about the Kentucky basketball program. According to Sterling, who is the former program director at WIBC and 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, four programs (Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kansas) are being investigated by the NCAA regarding the recruitment of Josh Selby, who you'll remember eventually chose to take his talents to Lawrence to play for the Jayhawks this fall. The relevant part of his report goes something like this:
We know that the NCAA is taking a long look into the recruiting of #1 recruit Josh Selby, and his relationship with Carmelo Anthony’s business manager Robert Frazier. What is new is that investigation stretches beyond Bill Self, Selby, KU and Frazier.  It includes the basketball programs at North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and their relationships during the recruiting process with Frazier and Selby.  This is according to a person close to the investigation.
I'm not going to pretend to know anything about this, but if recent history is our guide, these kind of reports seem to come and go. I do know, however, that Kent Sterling, light in this morally dark world that he is, will probably be getting acquainted with the Big Blue Nation very soon. [Full post on]

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