Kentucky basketball makes "The Newsroom"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


BR_7FfPCYAA2mwk SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched last night's "The Newsroom" and plan to, consider skipping this post, as it will include minor spoilers. One of the main story lines of HBO's "The Newsroom" this season has been "Operation Genoa," a story the crew is chasing about the United States using chemical weapons on civilians. In last night's episode, the gang went to Silver Springs, Maryland to talk to retired Marine general Stanislaus Stomtonovich, who is kind of a kook, watching basketball throughout the meeting ("March Madness, the best sporting event on Earth," he coos), but agrees to confirm the story on camera anonymously. When they return for filming a few days later, Stomtonovich refuses to turn off the television, which is showing the UK/Florida game from 2012. The game plays in the corner of the segment they film, and when one of the producers complains about it, Jerry Dantana, the lead guy on the story, says they will edit it out later. photo (1) During filming, Stomtonovich doesn't confirm what he promised to, framing the use of chemical weapons as a hypothetical instead. However, before showing the clip to his bosses, Dantana decides to edit the tape to make it sound like Stomtonovich did confirm the use of sarin gas on civilians. Big mistake. He even edits the "raw footage," which you can tell by how the UK/Florida game in the top left corner jumps. Dead giveaway. Could the UK/Florida game be the smoking gun that gets "The Newsroom" crew in trouble?

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