Kentucky Basketball stopped practice due to a leak in the roof

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If you go to an Ole Miss practice, you will see coaches, including Rebel Defensive Coordinator Chris Partridge, with energy, enthusiasm and all the ingredients you’d want your coaches to have.

You’d also see mentors who aren’t afraid to coach players hard.

The definition of hard? Getting on them when they screw up. Old school, really.

In this day and age of NIL and easy transfer, it was recently asked of Partridge how he could be sure he was signing kids who wouldn’t bolt at the first insult or the first time he was “yelled” at.

Where it might seem like the players have the power due to the transfer rule, “if you fuss at me I will leave” day and age, Partridge said coaches are not doing their jobs if they can’t distinguish recruits who can take hard coaching and who can’t.

“It’s not foolproof, but we aren’t doing our jobs right if we can’t locate good players who can take coaching,” Partridge, who is in his first year as the Rebel DC, noted. “First, you have to talk to everyone and learn everything about a young man while you are recruiting him.

“You have to talk to teachers and parents and friends and girlfriends and everyone you can to learn about a recruit’s personality. That tells you a lot.”

But Partridge also believes in some “pre-coaching.”

“With young men I recruit, I try to teach and coach them as I am getting to know them. I can tell pretty quickly if they can take tough coaching,” he continued. “There’s a full gamut of things we do to locate the right players in recruiting.

“The bottom line is that you can be a great player, but if we don’t think you can learn and aren’t coachable, we will not sign you.”

There’s also a direct approach that Partridge takes.

“If you are honest with kids and have clarity with kids from the start then you develop trust and that’s a key ingredient to recruiting and to coaching,” C.P. added.

“I always try to be concise and give the young men I am recruiting a plan and tell them exactly how it’s going to be.”

Partridge said all those things are basically non-negotiable with him.

“You’d be astounded to know the kids we turn down because we don’t think they can learn or aren’t coachable. Outstanding players who we just don’t think will fit in this program,” he closed.

“It happens a lot.”

So if you get the opportunity to go to an Ole Miss practice and you see a player who has messed up getting heated up by his coach, remember they want to be coached hard and said so from the beginning.