Kentucky the best college football coaching job? The Athletic thinks so.

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There’s been a lot of talk this week about the best coaching jobs in college football. The SEC Network’s Peter Burns argued on KSR yesterday that Kentucky is a top ten job in the sport, top five in the SEC. The Athletic’s college football staff went a step further, opining that Mark Stoops has the best gig in America. Andy Staples argued that the combination of reasonable expectations, SEC revenue, and Stoops’ recruiting pipeline in Ohio make for a very cushy seat.

The best job in America is … Kentucky.

If Mark Stoops averages eight wins a year, they’ll build him a statue in Lexington. Any of the schools on this list will run off the coach if he doesn’t average double-digit wins and doesn’t at least occasionally win the conference or make the College Football Playoff. Stoops, meanwhile, can finish third in the easier half of the SEC and live just as comfortably as his peers in those pressure-cooker jobs.

The Athletic

Staples made similar comments last summer, but now that Kentucky Football has renewed energy behind a revamped offense, it’s picking up steam at the national level.

Those who actually work in the sport aren’t on the bandwagon just yet. The Athletic asked over 100 coaches, athletic directors, recruiting coordinators, and analysts what the best job in the sport was. The top five vote-getters are much more conventional: Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Texas, and LSU.

Meh. It’s clearly a hot take, but I like Staples’ logic much better.

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