Kentucky Defenders Confident Entering The Swamp

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[caption id="attachment_324685" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Photo via SEC[/caption] A 60-point loss has not affected the confidence of UK's defense. Days after Alabama's explosive offense made mincemeat of the Wildcat defense, Kentucky must prepare to play Florida's Heisman Trophy frontrunner and his arsenal of future NFL pass-catchers. A daunting task against the nation's top-ranked passing offense, a couple of Wildcats remain unfazed. Kelvin Joseph, the cornerback best known as Bossman Fat, picked off his fourth pass of the season at Alabama. When asked about the challenge ahead, Fat said this: "I feel like the biggest challenge to them is going to be facing me and my teammates. We're ready to play and we're ready to show them what we're about and shake back from this loss we took last week,” he said. Fat has talked a big game since he stepped foot on Kentucky's campus. Despite a rough outing in the season-opener against Auburn's Seth Williams, Fat remained confident. He knows no other way to play. "It's just a mindset for real," said Bossman Fat. "Every day I wake up and I know I gotta be great, make sure my teammate be great and we all push each other to be great, therefore we're not going to put nobody before us and we're not going to say nobody can take us down. We're just going to work." [caption id="attachment_324664" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Photo via SEC[/caption] This Saturday redshirt freshman outside linebacker J.J. Weaver will be making the first start of his career, playing in his home state in front of extended family at The Swamp, against the team he used to cheer for as a kid. "It's just a blessing. I got the news Monday so I'm just trying to stay humble. It's just a blessing. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing on the field and keep producing," said Weaver. He may be trying to stay humble, but that's not deterring his confidence. Weaver will find himself matched up frequently against Kyle Pitts, an All-American tight end that is the best college football has seen in years. Some would get wide-eyed by the proposition. Weaver smiled when Pitts' name was uttered. He can't wait. "Kyle Pitts is most definitely going to see me this week. Yes, we do match up with the tight ends a lot. We just gotta be more physical with him, that's it. He is a great player. He's just going to get up and jump, but he's never had J.J. Weaver on him before," said the outside linebacker. "I live for these moments."

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