Kentucky Derby Festival Dropping 'Kentucky'

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kdf1 Apparently, as part of this year's theme, the festival is dropping "Kentucky", becoming just the "Derby Festival". While it does not seem to be a permanent thing by any means, what do you think about the decision to leave out the state's name in one of the most recognized festivals in the country? Are you... a) Angry. How dare they take the name of our great state out?! It's the Kentucky Derby, not just the derby. Without Kentucky, it is just not the same and not fair to the state as whole. This is a distinctly Kentucky event and should be labeled as such. b) Glad. I am so sick of hearing what goes on in Louisville and don't want the rest of the state associated with it. How long 'til someone cuts that place off from our borders? c) Impartial. Well, as long as they still serve beer at these things. What time does the basketball game start? 9:00 PM on ESPN? Okay, thanks.

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