Kentucky Drops To #10 In ESPN's SEC Power Rankings

N. Jourdan10/19/14


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mad stoops After climbing up to #9 in last week's edition, the Kentucky football squad dropped one spot to #10 in this weeks SEC Power Rankings by the folks over at Here's what they had to say below in case you wanted to just get straight to the point:
"Kentucky Wildcats Record: 5-2 overall, 2-2 SEC Previous ranking: 9 OK, so maybe Kentucky is still a year away. And maybe the SEC West is that much better than the East. Either way, it got ugly in a hurry for the Wildcats in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. This team can't let the wheels fall off just because of one loss, though. It still has a lot to play for, and it begins next week when No. 1 Mississippi State comes to town."
If you want to check out the rest of the power rankings, I have the article linked at the end of this one. Ranked behind us (in order) are South Carolina (#11), Florida (#12), Tennessee (#13), and Vanderbilt (#14) leading up the caboose. Now who would've honestly thought at the beginning of the season that UK would be better off than both Florida and more shockingly South Carolina? [ SEC Power Rankings: Week 8]

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