Kentucky Loves Basketball More than Any Other State

Matt Jonesover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
398783_10100687162432900_1756838648_n As part of my radio gig, I generally read the "industry trade papers" that tell me the state of radio across this great land. I find it oddly fascinating to read about various DJs sued in Des Moines for this or that, and while I am drinking a tasty beverage, the daily "Inside Radio" newsletter is always worth a read. But today's was especially interesting as the newsletter posted survey results on which markets care the most about college basketball. According to Inside Radio, Lexington is the #1 market in America for "following college hoops" with a full 83% of the people saying they follow the sport. The #2 market was also Kentucky-based, as Louisville was next with 75% who care. A large percentage of those can also be presumed to be UK fans, meaning that this state cares about Kentucky basketball more than anyone else, anywhere, by a lot. The #3 market was Syracuse, New York with 62%, followed by Raleigh-Durham with 60% and then Winston-Salem/Greensboro with 58%. So whether we are down and having a bit of a bad season, or cutting down the nets, those that care the most about the sport live here...and yet still don't listen to Chris Cross.

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