Tuesday Morning Offensive Breakdown (BTI's Rants and Ramblings)

Tuesday Morning Offensive Breakdown (BTI's Rants and Ramblings)

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY - OCTOBER 09: Kavosiey Smoke #0 of the Kentucky Wildcats runs with the ball against the LSU Tigers at Kroger Field on October 09, 2021 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Offensive Breakdown needed an extra day of recovery from one of the better Kentucky football performances in recent history but now we’re back and sitting at 6-0 with an absolutely dominating performance, at least for two downs. If Kentucky can come close to controlling the line of scrimmage like they did Saturday, and avoid 3rd downs all together, then maybe something special is on the horizon.

Here is the Tuesday Morning Offensive Breakdown against LSU. Let’s keep the party going for one more week!


Against LSU
Rush: 20 rushes for 139 yards
Pass: 7-9, 97 yards, 1 TD

Combined Season Stats
Rush: 114 rushes for 663 yards, 5 TD (3 fumbles)
Pass: 41-61, 626 yards, 4 TD, 4 INT (1 sack allowed)

Analysis: Whew buddy, what a set of numbers here. The Cats actually struggled on 1st down in the 1st quarter but were absolutely dominant after that. Overall, averaged 8.1 yards per play on their 29 plays. The rushing numbers are good for an entire day, much less just the 1st down plays. And while the UK offense continued to hold around a 2:1 ratio of run plays to pass plays, the passing plays were dynamic as well, including the beautiful wheel route.


Against LSU
Rush: 19 rushes for 179 yards, 3 TD
Pass: 3-4, 28 yards, 1 TD

Combined Season Stats
Rush: 76 rushes for 576 yards, 6 TD (1 fumble)
Pass: 27-44, 293 yards, 3 TD (3 sacks allowed)

Analysis: The Cats barely had any 3rd down plays because of how amazing they were on 2nd down. 19 run plays against 4 pass plays but why not? Runs for almost 10 yards per carry and three touchdowns. EIGHT runs for over 10 yards. Eight!!! It’s really hard to accurately put into words just how dominant UK was at the line of scrimmage Saturday.


Against LSU
Rush: 3 rushes for 19 yards (converted 1 of 3)
Pass: 2-2, 22 yards (converted 1 of 2)

Combined Season Stats
Rush: 5 rushes for 38 yards (converted 2 of 5)
Pass: 14-22, 241 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 1 sack allowed (converted 9 of 23)

Analysis: Overall, a 40% conversion rate. I have argued all season that 40% was the target for these situations and the Cats hit that so I’m happy. They didn’t need to extend any drives on Saturday but certainly this will be a key against Georgia. They will almost certainly face more than 5 third and longs and the ability to keep on the field could be huge.


Against LSU
Rush: No Plays
Pass: 1-1, -5 yards, 1 sack allowed (converted 0 of 2)

Combined Season Stats
Rush: 17 rushes for 80 yards, 1 TD (converted 11 of 17)
Pass: 8-14, 35 yards, 2 TD, 3 sacks allowed (converted 6 of 17)

Analysis: It’s still a bit baffling how bad UK has been in this situation, hitting just 50% of the time overall and just a smidge over 33% when attempting a pass. But again, didn’t matter much against LSU and hasn’t burned them yet.

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