Kentucky Pickers: The Mighty Wildcats

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


kentucky-pickers If there's one thing Kentucky fans love more than their teams, it's the stuff they can buy to support them. KSR wants to see your odd and unique UK memorabilia. No, not just your run of the mill UK flag or t-shirt collection. We want the weird stuff. Have a stuffed Wildcat eating a cardinal? Send it in. A portrait of John Calipari made entirely of popcorn? Send it in. The odder, the better. MightyWildcatsLP Today's treasure comes to us from John Evans, who stumbled across a record called "The Mighty Wildcats" at a Greensboro, North Carolina record shop. The record cost him a quarter and contains "nothing but country songs about how awesome Kentucky sports are and how the rest of the SEC sucks." Aside from the fact that it was recorded in 1981, John can't find any more information about it on the internet. He uploaded all of the songs to a drop box, which you can find here. Too lazy for that? Check out one of the tracks on YouTube: Think you can do better? Send us a picture of your unique "UK junk" along with the story behind it and we'll post the best ones on the website. Email pictures to [email protected] with the subject heading "Kentucky Pickers."

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